Projects in Americas

IP backbone Pricing

IP backbone Pricing - Constructed cost models for multinational, create a customer value module, advised carrier services departments on pricing of IP transit and peering; addressed any regulatory concerns regarding the fairness of pricing and peering policies.

Strategic reviews

Strategic reviews - conducted two major business reviews of major US IP backbone player. These projects included comprehensive financial, market, operating model and regulatory review, SWOT analysis, options, roadmaps and business plan.

Price caps and cost of capital study

Price caps and cost of capital study - represented incumbent telco in its negotiations with the regulator to develop a multi-year retail price cap plan. Also led the analytical work involved in the telco’s submission to the regulator, including financial model identifying current revenue requirements, a forward looking model to demonstrate expenditure and capital requirements, and a WACC study based on benchmarking of other Caribbean cost of capital studies.

Carrier selection

Carrier selection - advised TSTT on implementation of requirements for carrier selection, including commercial and business planning, product definition, operations and process/procedures development, network and other technical and regulatory aspects.

Universal Service Costing

Universal Service Costing - Construct financial model quantifying the existing net cost of universal service to C&W Panama, advice company on advocacy strategy, generate arguments for structuring universal service administration and funding, prepare draft papers for submission to government and regulator.

Business cases for potential IP, data and international voice investment

Business cases for potential IP, data and international voice investment - Assessed the regulatory opportunities and constraints for investments and conducted demand analysis for target Central American markets, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Spectrum valuation

Market analysis to derive spectrum demand, valuation and reservation prices for 900, 1800, 1900/2100 and 2600 MHz spectrum bands on behalf of the national regulator.

Anti-competitive pricing in fixed telephony services market

Anti-competitive pricing in fixed telephony services market - advised a company alleging anti-competitive pricing by a dominant service provider. Project involves market definition, market power analysis, measurement of market impact of anti-competitive pricing.

Cost of Capital Analysis

Cost of Capital Analysis - provided research and advice to an incumbent cable TV and high-speed data service provider in response to a public consultation on a proposed WACC for setting a retail price rate base and interconnection costing.

Telecoms Regulatory Advice and 3G cost model

Advised national telcos in the Caribbean on a variety of regulatory issues from advocating sustainable subsidies for its basic retail access services, forecasting mobile broadband demand, developing and defending LRIC models and price cap compliance. Follow-on project included leading a team to construct a 3G mobile cost model.

Anti-competitive pricing in mobile services market

Anti-competitive pricing in mobile services market - advised a company seeking competitive safeguards for application to a dominant mobile service provider. Project involved analysing the applicability of offnet pricing constraints and proposing specific types of constraints that would be appropriate for the market.

Market Definition and Power Assessment

Market Definition and Power Assessment –assessed market power in telecommunications for a service provider in advance of a proceeding to review the appropriate types of regulation for markets. The project included the design and roll out consumer surveys to gauge substitutability among various products and services.

Regulatory economics and strategy advice

Regulatory economics and strategy advice - retained by a full service, multi-jurisdiction telco to conduct demand analyses, LRIC studies, accounting separation and price cap modelling and provide related strategic regulatory advice.

International Business Expansion Reorganisation

International Business Expansion Reorganisation - worked with a telecommunications operator with significant overseas operations to improve the organisation and procedures of its regulatory, legal and tax compliance functions to facilitate international business expansion.

Strategic telecom policy advice

Strategic telecom policy advice - supported a consortium of mobile service providers in the consultation with the Brazilian regulator, on Anatel’s proposed new regulatory regime (PGMC).

Reduction of regulatory obligations

Reduction of regulatory obligations - provided lobbying and negotiating support to minimise regulatory obligations associated with dominance in cable TV and high-speed data service provision.