Erik Whitlock

Erik Whitlock is principal and founder of CCG. Erik has over 20 years experience in regulation, valuation and economic analysis in the telecoms sector.

From 2008 to 2012, Erik was a director within PricewaterhouseCoopers’ strategy and valuation practice. He was based in the Middle East but also supported PwC’s global telecoms practice out of region with projects in Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean and Middle East.

Before joining PwC, Erik held senior positions at C&W Group over a decade supporting at one time or another virtually all of the C&W constituent businesses in the UK, Asia and the US with economics-related analysis and strategic advice. In the last of these roles he was Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Finance with C&W Americas, where he ran a team of economists, business analysts and lawyers providing strategic guidance, rolling out cost and pricing models, conducting demand analyses and ensuring regulatory compliance and advocacy for C&W fixed and mobile businesses in the Americas region.

Before joining Cable & Wireless, Erik worked at BMP International, the Hudson Institute and Nathan Associates in various economic and financial advisory roles for private firms and government agencies throughout the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Erik has a Ph.D. in economics from Indiana University.